Religious Programming

Religious Programming sponsored by The Dawah Project

The Dawah Project is able to spread Dawah to millions of people around the world by helping produce alternative news, current affairs, entertainment and religious programming from an Islamic perspective.

The generous donations received over the years have enabled us to sponsor Islamic Programmes to capture and relay the true essence of Islam.

The following examples of programmes are funded by The Dawah Project:

IslamiQA is a Live Question and Answer programme. Every evening the viewers can ask…

Radio Campaign Africa

The number of Muslims in Africa [a land of 1 billion] has diminished to 316 million and this number is decreasing rapidly. Every year 6 million African Muslims leave Islam due to the lack of sound Islamic Education available.

The Radio Campaign was launched in 2011 targeting Africa. In many parts of Africa, over 80% of people have regular access to radio, making it a crucial source of information. 40.84% of the African population is Muslim. Currently, The Dawah Project is working in Tunisia, Nigeria, Gambia, Rwanda and Uganda to set up analogue radio stations.

The radio station not only makes Islamic knowledge easily accessible but it also provides work for 30 people and sustain the families of 50 scholars. This campaign also boosts the presence of Muslims in the media sector. This project has been successful due to the kindness of our supporters. To be able to continue providing this extremely beneficial and much needed service we need your continued support.

International Dawah Centre

The Dawah Project aims to open an International Dawah Centre to fulfil our obligatory duty of Dawah. The centre will be open to Muslims and non Muslims throughout the Community whether they are seeking knowledge or solace. It will endeavour to bring together people from all works of lives and eradicate the ever growing misconceptions about Islam.

This exclusive and innovative venture aims to provide a hub for spreading Islam and educating the Ummah on a global scale, In Shaa Allah.

The Dawah project are working tirelessly to make this concept a realty and this is only made possible by our generous supporters. By the will of Allah SWT and the generosity of our Muslim brothers and sisters, we have raised over£116,000 towards this ambitious project; however, much more is still needed and we call upon all of you to help us in this endeavour.