By Yasmin Khatun – Islam Channel Journalist & Producer

“Oh you who are patient, bear a little more, for only a little more remains.” – (Ibn al-Qayyim)

A month of sacrifice and obligation, Dhul al-Hijjah is the last month in the Islamic calendar, a month full of splendid history and one with an inescapable complexity and different showings of strength, both symbolic and beautiful but also a reminder of triumph.

As the year comes to an end, you may feel it hasn’t gone the way in which we may have planned or you haven’t been able to com­plete the acts of worship which you have wanted to pursue or on the reverse all that you may have wanted may be taking place, our reminder when in any of these states is that this dunya is but a temporary abode. This month symbolizes renewal, new beginnings and a cleansing and purification of our souls.

The Hajj – our pilgrimage is enveloped inside of this time, a ritual practice and standing pillar of our faith. Over 3 million people annually travel to the sacred cities to perform their acts of worship, people not just from London or Astana but from each and every corner of the planet, all travelling for the sake of Allah. A time when you see people brown, beige, saffron and milk, rich and poor all bare with nothing more than single sheets, a time where adornments and plenty make no difference, where all that matters is but your dedication to your faith.

Dedication and patience are elements significant in Islam and there are no better examples of this than in our beloved prophets. Examples to us all, they are the deliverers of our faith and this month is en­gulfed with so much history. The last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (sallahu aluyhi wa salam) our RasulAllah at the top of Mount Arafat in which he reminded men of their duties, duties towards their women duties towards their people and their ultimate duty towards Allah.

A story standing with many others, there is not one example but plenty, the symbolic unification of our parents Adam (alahyi wa­salam) and Hawa at the top of this peak after calling to their for forgiveness and the day of Arafah when Musa (alayhi wasalam) led the Israelites through the sea and presented his courage, faith and ultimate trust in Allah.

Examples to us all, we should remember the sacrifices made by those before us, and at this time of the year none comes to mind more so then Ibrahim (alahyi wasalam) when leaving his wife and young son he put his faith in Allah and did Allah not provide? Gushing springs of water lay where people to this day drink from, when asked to sacrifice his son he put his trust in Allah and was his strain not removed? Stories for us all to take from, the journey of the hajj and the month of Dhul-Hijjah is but a reminder to the names that Allah calls himself by and our obligations towards him. Around the world we may see much difficulty around us but Allah is our Lord, our protector and The Just. Remember your duties towards him and do your utmost to strive towards all that is good, after that; just trust Allah.

As Allah says “So remember me, and I shall remember you” (Surah Baqarah verse 152).