Issue 22

September/October 2016

“2016 has been an eventful year, a year filled with accomplishments and disappointments. What stood out the most is this shift in political r…

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Issue 21

September/October 2016

“Our religion teaches us to be socially responsible and active citizens of this world. The planet is being destroyed as….

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Issue 20

July/August 2016

“Living Green” should be a standard way of life as Islam teaches us to protect and nurture our environment, for without….

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Issue 19

May/June 2016

The month of Ramadhan is right around the corner and beautifully, it brings the family closer as we break our fast and go to the…

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Issue 18

March/April 2016

Marriage deserves ‘Ishaan’ (excellence) as we discussed in the previous issue, that it is half of our ‘Deen’ (religion) and rightly…

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Issue 17

Jan/Feb 2016

In Issues 17, 18 and 19 we will explore matters relating to marriage and raising children in Islam.

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Issue 16

Nov/Dec 2015

What a beautiful way for the Ilma team to mark the end of 2015, by writing on a theme that…

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Issue 15

Sep/Oct 2015

‘The Rope of Allah: Part 2’ articulates the concerns of a modern Muslim such as what the 21st…

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Issue 14

July/Aug 2016

This edition we take a look at the ‘Ummah’ (the community of Muslims) and humankind, and evaluate…

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Issue 13

May/June 2015

Issue 13 deals with the importance of seeking knowledge, be it religious or secular.

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Issue 12

March/April 2015

Issue 12 brings you back to the basics of worship in Islam such as the ‘Salah’ (Prayer), ‘Wudhu’…

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Issue 11

Jan/Feb 2015

Ilma Magazine Issue 11 carries on with the theme of ‘Mental Health’ and digs deeper into matters…

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Issue 10

Nov/Dev 2014

Ilma Issue 10 explores the human mind – Stigma of Mental Health:

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Issue 9

Sep/Oct 2014

He is a role model. It is about his rights, responsibilities and trials.

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Issue 8

Jul/Aug 2014

There is not a life without death and there is not a death without life.

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Issue 7

May/June 2014

Issue 7 explores the beauty of the Arabic language and its inspiration for Islamic Art.

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Issue 6

Mar/April 2014

Issue 6 includes writings on Imaan, Style, Halal Eating and Dining, and much more!

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Issue 5

Jan/Feb 2014

Issue 5 looks into what Islam has to say about money, happiness and the economy.

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Issue 4

Nov/Dec 2013

Inspired by the current political agenda;

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Issue 3

Sep/Oct 2013

A Special Hajj Edition. From Rahim Jung’s reflective thoughts on his Hajj journey

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Issue 2

Sep/Oct 2013

A condensed issue reflecting upon the relationship between a father and daughter;

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Issue 1

Sep/Oct 2013

The very first Ilma Issue, looks into the life of a powerful woman Khadijah (ra).

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